Stanstead -> Schˆnefeld

As that wise man Douglas Adams pointed out, it is probably not a coincidence that no language on earth has a use for the phrase ‘as beautiful as an airport’ yet architects continue to rave about Stanstead. In the past i’ve see it as no worse than any other airport I’ve passed through and assumed that they were enraptured by some elegance and efficiency that i had missed. But I wonder if they have ever been there since it opened and is heaving with people? The check-in area annoyingly congested, the queues long and entangled, trolleys getting in the way where people discard them, then through security to the artificially lit commercial sleaze of the departures lounge.

and on beautifully sunny day like today, I realised that there is no way to be outside at airports.. it is hard enough even being able to see the planes.. I am glad i am not four years old, modern airports must be a thorough disappointment to your young boy with a dream. Getting there early i was able to join the opportunists camping out on the grass verge in front of the terminal. But as soon as I was inside, I was mildly annoyed but at least it distracted me from my Berlin nerves.

It was dark by the time I got to Schˆnefeld, but from what i remember it is no better.. although I do like the new covered walk way to the train station.

Ella working hard at Birkbeck Babylab

There were no travel adventures either, I don’t know how my grandma always managed to arrive with such interesting tales of travelling.


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