aren’t avocados cool?

avva car dough

so many different textures and shades of green, the dark shiny nurby outer surface, the green baize nap of the inside of the skin. the complementary surface of the fruit. the smooth, firm not quite slimy flesh that can be cut so precisely to reveal the lightest greens and at its heart a home to that smoothy and slippery brown stone.

The pit’s the bit I like the best about the avocado.. that’s to say I love denutting:

Cupping the half with the stone in one hand, you take a good heavy knife in the other and chop down sharply. The blade lodges solidly in the stone and with a gentle twist the nut lifts free. Pure green poetry.

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  1. Ailsa says:

    I use my teeth. Saves on washing up 😉

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