naked card counting millionaires

whoever thought of combining internet poker and webcam porn must be very rich by now. playing strip-poker online with real money against real strippers.. why had i’d never heard of this before today? how i wish i’d thought of it first.

I’ve just cleared 4000 shiteing spams from my blog comments and trackbacks. the juxtaposition of so many poker and porn spazverts lead my mind to the obvious conclusion of combining the two. The inspiration was so obvious that i couldn’t believe that no-one else had thought of it first.

For a few minutes I was going to be a las vegas dot porn millionaire but of course it is already being done but i didn’t know that. so although this is another fortune i am not going to make I feel rewarded to find out that I am more innocent than i thought i was.

but one innovation they might not have considered is that once you’ve cleaned the suckers out you have another girl to try get them to take out an unsecured loan at a very reasonable rate no questons asked! or sell them penis enlargement pills if they’re on webcam too.

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