the eyes are having it

i was falsely accused of being high on drugs last night.. by this guy of all people..

AntiProduct at Duncker

it happens to me a lot. people spot my massive pupils and conclude i am halfway to the moon. it is simply not true. not usually. my own explanation for my jeepers peepers is that i am a creature of the night.. but more of a bush baby than a bat. and if i seem unnaturally exhuberant, it isn’t necessarily unnaturally induced, it is that you are not used to be this alert at this hour while i am just waking up.

which is not to say i won’t take plenty more drugs in my time here and at home.. they’re good, they needn’t be any worse for you than alcohol and even if they weren’t especially fun then i would still be interested from a psychological point of view.. ketamine for example is one of the safest but most unpleasant drugs i know but it is also the one that sends your brain (okay, my brain) the most doolally.. it just like you’d imagined drugs would be when you were 12.. i’ve felt that time has been running backwards, i’ve had rooms twist their geometry round me, and all sorts of other ker-razy stuff that basically all comes from the brain getting a little muddled.. rather sobering experience to discover that our sober selves are far more precarious and arbitrary than we would like to think.

besides i can’t find a good pharmacist or vetinarian over here so i will settle for being wide awake whilst the rest of the world is falling asleep and merely pretending that my relative energy is due to something more than my natural nocturnal hyperactivity.


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