nanowrimo agogo

it is that time of the year again where i spend a month writing a 50,000 word novel.. me and 38,000 other merrie fooles. i met about forty of them last night at the london nanowrimo start party. it was great to meet some other nanowrimo-fo’s before we get started.. i had expected them to be a bunch of fantasy freaks but actually there were all kinds of people there. it was a good thing to able to put names and faces to some of the other marathonists. about 40 people will be interesting to see how many of them attend the final party in 30something days

second time around for me.. on the plus side this year i am full time student so i can pretty much devote the whole month to this, where as last year i was working full time, studying at night school, drinking too much and writing my nano on the bus from place to place..

on the downside, this time last year i had much better idea what i was going to write about..

at the moment i can’t decide whether to spin out the much loved tale of Herman and the Bunny Slippers into a full sequence of Extra Ordinary adventures for young Herman.. (they may seem Extraordinary to you.. but so many extraordinary things happen to Herman that to him it seems ordinary)

either that or i will write a book about a man who knows everything where all the characters are named after types of tea.

or else i might write something completely different..

i will find out at midnight tomorrow 🙂


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