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due to ridiculous amounts of largely unwelcome traffic from google image searches i have removed all the photo galleries from my site.. which is a bit sad and wasn’t completely necessary because i could have just rejigged the locations so … Continue reading

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this train terminates here

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An Example of Knowledge Use

Before discussing actual experiments, let’s consider a somewhat simplified example of how you might normally learn a new category, namely a trip to the zoo. This situation can be used to illustrate the specific uses of knowledge to be discussed … Continue reading

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midwife astrology fallacy

i am sure you all recall the oft quoted ‘fact’ in arguments against astrology that the midwife exerts a greater gravitational force on your birth than all the planets out there. It’s a lie! Well I did a few calculations … Continue reading

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words and worlds

before the first of november this story did not exist.. and even now i have yet to write very much of it.. but in the short time i have been plotting it and in the few parts i have sketched … Continue reading

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Bodidharma’s Eyelids – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 London, Tuesday 17th December Doctor Whittard, the chief Librarian, was not a happy man. The biggest problem when running a government department that does not officially exist is the filling in of forms. Government runs on paperwork and … Continue reading

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Bodhidharma’s Eyelids – Chapter 1 (cont.)

He went to the fridge to replace the milk. On the third shelf was a single man’s black leather shoe. It was a left shoe, it looked expensive and it had not been there this morning. Lipton knew without looking … Continue reading

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Membrane and Neurophysics Neuron from rat brain on a linear array of field-effect transistors. The ionic current in the cell interacts with the electronic current in the silicon. cool

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fall out

one of the most guilty dreams i’ve ever had was probably inspired by terminator.. nuclear war had broken out and naturally i had been selected as one the essential people to go into the network of underground bunkers.. that made … Continue reading

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The Tea Home Page as word of explanation all my characters are likely to be named after tea.. i checked the tea home page for inspiration and was very disturbed by this picture.. nothing like that is going in the book but that’s … Continue reading

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Bodhidarma’s Eyelids

Holy priests, in admiration of Buddha, Went to the west, leaving the east: Bodhidharma, disliking Buddha, Came to the east, leaving the west. They will meet at the tea house of Awakening.. But alas! This was in a dream. Words … Continue reading

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