Incorporating W.H.Wrigley

ashton 24hr funeral services

I am glad I spotted this sign before they renovated their knocking off shop, this sign has gone to a better place but I’ll always remember it.

For the past year I went past it pretty much daily and for most of that time i smugly congratulated myself on spotting that a 24 hour funeral service is a pretty ridiculous thing. The last time you are ever going to need to hurry will be once your dead. In fact, I find the whole idea of calling an undertaker at 4 in the morning all very distasteful.. The body isn’t even cold and you are rushing it out of the house.

I was also rather impressed with myself for musing on their three hundred and five years in business. Good steady work; undertaking. Dying is a good living.

BUT I missed the best joke of all..

Incorporating W.H.Wrigley


but sadly it’s gone from the new version of the sign, relegated to a minor laff on their front door.


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  1. Mr Version avatar
    Mr Version

    don’t undertakers actually collect the body in some cases? they did in my father’s, i’m sure. in which case, they’d have to be on 24 hour call.

    sorry to be pedantic, like 🙂

  2. that is my whole point.. people will always be snuffing it around the clock.. and often at home.. but why do we then need to rush the body out of the house immediately? can’t we wait until morning?

  3. Mr Version avatar
    Mr Version

    ah, not sure. i think it’s just ‘how it’s done’, religious exceptions notwithstanding.

  4. yes, granted this won’t quite work..

    We’re sorry there’s no-one here take your corpse right now. normal office hours are 8am to 8pm monday to sunday. If you are still dead in the morning please call again.”

    if granny croaks at the end of eastenders you’ve got her laying around until breakfast time..

    and even if they stay open until midnight, 2am whatever, you still have to go to bed with a potential zombie in the house.

    but it leaves me a little sad that our culture is so afraid of the dead that we need emergency 24hr undertakers. there is probably even a 50 quid call out fee 🙁

  5. and don’t get me started on anachronistic religious & cultural rites.

    although, i wonder if you can get gujarati funerals in this country 😉

  6. Mr Version avatar
    Mr Version

    probably. political correctness gone mad. coming over here, burying their dead in good British soil..

  7. that’s the beauty of the Gujarat system,

    but I don’t know where we’d get the vultures over here.

  8. caspar likes to keep dead & warm bodies at home… 😉

    i prefer to get rid of them ass quicky ass pussible, and if someboody does the job for me – perfect match.

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