NaNoWriMo Loser

i managed 12,570 words this month, 1/4 of the required amount… rather ridiculous considering that technically i have had more free time this year than last year when i did the full thing.. i think the problem was being slow out of the starting blocks.. i had a bastard essay deadline for much of the first week that prevent me from writing anything without being wracked with guilt. (of course that was my own stupid fault for not doing the essay before hand but too late for excuses)

from there i was always at least 10k behind the pace and never had a sustained burst that looked like i might get there..

but i still consider it a big success.. as i mentioned earlier in the thread.. i took a five year old idea.. the thumbnail of an idea of writing a book with characters named after tea, featuring both that a single shoe that had originally be placed into a fridge five years ago and someone who ‘knew everything’. an idea had been in very, very cold storage for the whole of that time and seemed impossible to progress. and yet that was the seed for a story now exists with a full cast of characters and a bona-fide plot that combines philosophy, jokes, a wee bit of neuroscience and hopefully some excitement.

and as an appropriate ending.. stepping down from the the bus going home late last night i had a PoincarÈ style moment of inspiration that told me exactly how the thing should end, an exciting satisfying dramatic ending.

and i have until mid april to get there (or even til next november if i miss yet another deadline!!)


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  1. yop – me lose 2 – but i wrote a party-manifest according to german party founding law instead ;))))))))))

    and i found 100 year old monkey tracks thru this fine site, that you should know anyway:

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