academic life causes absent-mindedness?

truly beginning to feel like a real scientist now.. this week has conferences, talks (giving and receiving!), seminars, literature reviews, co-authoring a book review, journal clubs, participant testing, data analysis, and some even null results (the true sign of a real scientist)

for good measure i get to spend a lot of time playing with babies, get a free trip to the seaside and may even seen some real live skinner boxes in action ..

but the clincher that i am progressing along my chosen path to an fully fledged academic career was some wonderfully absent-mindedness on leaving office tonight..

i was last one there so i very carefully locked door to my office, came down the stairs turning off all the lights, turning off printers, closing fire doors.. i flipped my little IN/OUT indicator to OUT and carefully locked the second lock on the front door.

i was 50 yards down the road before i saw I still had my tea mug in my right hand.. i had been taking it down the stairs to the kitchen and somehow along the way had completely forgotten i was holding it.

then i couldn’t be bothered to turn round so i carried it all the way home.

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