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Majikthise directed me to Widmer Hefewiezen site expressing approval for their almost quirky adverts (I guess they aren’t half bad by American standards.) I was more taken with the toasts.

It seems that every bottle-cap has a short toast printed on it’s underside it to inspire drinkers to celebrate something with every round. One may even submit your own suggestions on the website. Here are june and july 2005 weekly winners:

To Having Beer Taps in the Break Room! (July 30)
To Viking Helmets! (July 23)
To Cooking with Beer! (July 16)
To Spontaneous Road Trips! (July 9)
To It's Noon Somewhere! (July 2)

To Randomness. And Gouda. Petunias. (June 30)
To Biking Past Traffic! (June 24)
To Double Bacon Burgers and Diet Drinks! (June 17)
To Turning Off Your Cell Phone! (June 10)
To Putting From The Rough! (June 3)

Not great but the idea is a good one.. every new round of drinks should begin with a toast to something more than ‘Cheers’.

To ethanol in water!


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