Dead billionaire talks sense

“I’ve been to the other side, and let me tell you, son, there’s fucking nothing there”

– Kerry Packer’s comment on surviving a cardiac arrhythmia in 1990 that caused his heart to stop beating for about seven minutes.

He died permanently at Christmas last year having instructed doctors not to resuccitate him as he wished to die with dignity.

But it seems his idiot son, who has dabbled with Scientology, is somewhat more credulous:

“To be there with a body that was so different to his character, which was so alive, made me think that there must be something and so I’m taking the positive and hoping and wishing that he’s up there looking down on us.”

Meanwhile, this I enjoyed this nugget:

In 1995 $5.4 million worth of gold bars, and a Vegemite jar full of gold nuggets, the provenance of which was never publicly explained, were stolen from Packer’s personal safe.

Bloody Australian!

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