A one day arts festival celebrating madness, creativity and eccentricity

Saturday 3 June 2006
12noon to 10pm
Camberwell Green, Southwark SE5

The newly elected Mayor of Southwark launches BonkersFest! at 12noon by firing a cannon filled with bananas – followed by live music in a Big Top, poetry, drama, art and sound installations.

BonkersFest! is a showcase of mad creativity, giving a public platform to upínícoming local artists and providing a day of inspiring art and music for the whole community. Camberwell-based charity Creative Routes is an award winning interdisciplinary arts organisation run by, and for, the survivors of the mental health system and of mental stress. It aims to dissolve the stigma of mental illness by encouraging the unique creativity of mad people, promoting mental well-being and the acceptance of individuality in the wider community. ëThe mad have a tendency to ghettoise; we are against this and we want to show the local community the positive side of mental illness in a locality that contains the famous Maudsley psychiatric hospitalí says Sarah Tonin, Creative Routesí founder.

Had to have it pointed out to me that CR founder had changed her name by deed-poll, in honour of the troublesomely wonderful neurotransmitter, serotonin

All the lunacy and creativity of a festival squeezed into the confines of Camberwell Green, and this time there’s a cause to it all. A very good cause.

I will certainly be there.

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  1. D says:

    Sounds like my (and your!) kinda scene.

    Have fun!

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