space-aged plimsoles


these are the latest thing in space-sneakers, designed for high-flying cosmonauts of tomorrow but do you notice anything unusual about them?

that’s right even after 50 years of space going innovation and the humble shoelace is still the sine non qua of footwear fastenings.

here in the 21st century and astronauts are not wearing slinky space slippers or startrek kinky boots, they are wearing 70’s gym shoes.

I find this very pleasing

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2 Responses to space-aged plimsoles

  1. Wilhelmiina says:

    And I was thinking that the only unusual thing about these shoes was the totally unkinky camel toe design detail. I cannot help but think of a poor lady sporting a pair of camel toe figure kissing slacks and, um, a pair of equally camelly toed shoes.

    Enough to put me off, well, almost anything. For a while, annyway.

  2. D says:

    I wonder why they look so much like tabi.

    I like them.

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