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Cognitive Science Seminars in London 2006-7…onseminars.html I’ve put together a google calendar of forthcoming pychology and cognitive science seminars in central London. Share and enjoy! (And let me know of any errors or omissions)

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tuna with cherry tomato salsa

2 tuna steaks 250g cherry tomatoes 1 red/orange/yellow pepper 1 smallish onion 1 lime 1-2 red chillies 4-6 cloves of garlic olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, black pepper N.B. this is very easy main trick step is to marinade … Continue reading

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killer hippo bollocks

..hippos are extemely dangerous animals in the wild. In an average year in Africa, hippos kill a far larger number of humans than any other mammal, except other humans. Hippos are short-tempered, huge animals that spend most of their days … Continue reading

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Similar and dissimilar others

We just had our weekly journal club discussing: Mitchell, J.P., Macrae, C.N., & Banaji, M.R. (2006) Dissociable Medial Prefrontal Contributions to Judgments of Similar and Dissimilar Others, Neuron 50, 655-663 It’s a moderately neat scanning study that purports to show … Continue reading

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sweaty eyelids

ascending the escalators at TCR earlier this evening, I glimpsed a man descending with sweaty eyelids.. ewww.. Mercifully, he was passed before I got too grossed out. but not before I was able to discern that other than his oddly … Continue reading

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warning: error bork 323/12u Flughafen

please, ignore the glitches occurring as i upgrade to a new version of b2evolution

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Unfortunate imagery

(Okay, so maybe I added the scythe.)

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Thirty years of restaurants

Last night I went the the Jazz club in the basement of Pizza Express at 10 Dean St. I was surprised. I’d always known there was a jazz club there but I had always imagined that the jazz was something … Continue reading

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What on earth are you doing?

“Caspar, what on earth are you doing?” Goodness knows I’ve heard that phrase often enough. Well finally I have an answer of kinds:

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things to be clear about when visiting Hungary

ACK.. 🙁 ZWACK.. 😀

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The True Believer

The true believer can believe in a political system, in a religious doctrine, or in some social movement that combines elements of the two, but the true believer cannot truly believe in life. A true believer may worship Jehovah, Allah, … Continue reading

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The Humble Bee…moment_of_.html A well-trained honey bee scientist wouldn’t spell the name “honeybee”, even though you’ll find it mistakenly spelled this way in a number of dictionaries (as well as on the MS spell checker), and even in Wikipedia. The biological convention … Continue reading

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Hippoes in the dining room…service_14.html Click on the link above to get to Mr. Jalopy’s wise comments on a collector’s eccentric and elaborate scheme to obtain a 144 piece hippo themed dinner service. In 2003, [Richard Baron Cohen] met a ceramics scholar for lunch … Continue reading

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marvels and mysteries

‘The world of the living contains enough marvels and mysteries as it is – marvels and mysteries acting upon our emotions and intelligence in ways so inexplicable that it would almost justify the conception of life as an enchanted state. … Continue reading

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Poplar genes are populous..…i-pdc091306.php “an international consortium, which includes researchers from the Flanders Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology (VIB ) at Ghent University, has succeeded in unraveling the first tree genome − that of the poplar. Moreover, their research indicates that the poplar has … Continue reading

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