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Come midnight on the 30th November I was sitting here with 31,301 words on the page.. so my second glorious failure.. that’s three unfinished novels under my belt now:

2004 – 52,300 words which is about 85% of what i expect that novel to be (currently about 54k + notes or 90% done )
2005 – 12,500 words – (currently 16k and one with the most promise)
2006 – 31,300 words – i won’t give up on it completely

For the second time I failed to keep up with the 1667 words per day required, though I came a lot closer this time around, which might mean something. I reckon I can easily I work at 166.7 words a day for next 300 days, a steady pace that would add at least another 50,000 words to the pot.. and if they are suitable distributed (and meaningful) i ought have at least finished one of them before 2007 nano comes around.

Of course, I ought really to be more grown up about it and ignore the tyranny of word count altogether concentrating on other points of finesse like story-telling, character development and well crafted prose. But this was the way I was trained and I am (failed) mathematician it’s very hard to escape the lure of numbers.

In fact, adding up the words in all three nano’s that is just over 100,900. A meaningless fact but one that rather surprised and inspired me. (I will try to ignore the fact that one of the nanowrimo authors I met at the London TFIO party had managed 110,000 words in 25 days.)

Onwards, at snail’s pace.

I am going to start putting a bit more of them online too soon. (Although there will be some editing required first.)

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