Woman on the Edge of Time

And staying with books. Our first bookgroup choice this year is Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy.

Just got the book and read the back cover.. any book with a highly approving nod from Pynchon is sure to be good (previously that’s how i discovered Jim Dodge and Steve Erikson, although i think he may have said nice things about David Foster Wallace so he’s not perfect.)

But besides the big-ups from the big wigs, the blurb makes it sound mental:

Connie Ramos is 37, Mexican-American, a loving mother now labelled child abuser, a heroically sane woman, now declared insane.

Drugged, a helpless inmate of a mental hospital, she is offered only one way back to “normality” – participation in a mind-control experiment using electronic implantations in the brain.

But Connie is also a ‘catcher’, a natural telepath with the ability to enter a Utopian future of ecological and social harmony. As the doctors close in Connie realises she has a fight on her hands – a fight in which a future world and her ow life are at stake.

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