Nick Gisburne

Nick Gisburne had been happily posting anti-Christian videos to youtube with no real problem.

He then made film that featured quotes from the Quran and his accounts were very quickly deleted.

The video did not carry any overt commentary. It was just a string of quotes set to music. But they were quotes of a universally bloodthirsty, intolerant and cruel nature..

Kindly provided by the good people at the Skepitcs Annotated Quran.

I’m not sure why youtube did it.. (perhaps they disprove of the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) hate-filled invective? ) Seems like they’ve put themselves in a lose-lose situation.. Not least because many duplicate versions of the film are appearing:


The music comes from the Matrix soundtrack.. Rob Dougan’s Clubbed To Death which reworks Edward Elgar’s Nimrod

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  1. -rich says:

    If we can’t bring Nick back to YouTube, then lets bring Nick’s story to the rest of the web!

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