money spiders

i’ve been wondering about money spiders. I saw a money spider wandering around on our new lab picnic table in our new lab garden. It was wee. no more than 2mm across. It got me wondering. I’ve been wondering why they are money spiders. and if they make webs. they probably do, they are spiders after all but they are so tiny. they must make tiny webs.. but then what do they catch and eat.. even an aphid is bigger than a money spider. about twice as bigger, i say, if i had to guess. i suppose there might be smaller bugs than aphids but i haven’t seen any. if they were really small would probably couldn’t even see them which might explain why i haven’t. but then the money spider’s webs would need to be very fine indeed or maybe they coat it with some chemical that is irresitable to these mirco-aphids. or maybe they catch big aphids and eat them slowly. or are they vegetarian? if it comes to that, are there any vegetarian spiders. I’m guessing not but you have to wonder why… there must be squillions of species of spiders, at least one of them may have chosen to eat plants.. that wouldn’t be so far fetched. if they can be so wee, they could be vegan too.

isn’t there so much in the world that we don’t really know? Well, things that I don’t know, you might, but i don’t know if you know…

look there’s another thing i don’t know.

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  1. Tom says:

    I always thought that they were just baby spiders.

    Which adds to the list of things that I know, but aren’t necessarily true…

  2. SCN9A says:

    I’m gonna tell you what I know; therefore fix your spider-knowledge gaps. No vegetarian spider on this planet so far… Well, no discovery of it yet…
    Over 4000 species of Aphids, some five times bigger then your money spider, which by the way, loves Aphids for breakfeast) Some money spiders make webs some do not, but in any case, the ones making them do excellent work)… BTW At which point is it possible for babies to cathegorise Aphids?

  3. robin says:

    This sounds like the way my brain works… there’s a thought and another ohh there it goesa again and then here it comes back again.

  4. robin says:

    This sounds like the way my brain works… there’s a thought and another ohh there it goesa again and then here it comes back again.
    Like why can I see dust bubbles or are they called moats? It makes me think I have super human vision. except, I can’t see through walls which is something I’d like to do. But if I could, I’d probably want sound too. I’d also want control over the power, because there are definately some things I don’t want to see in this world. Except, I do see them sort of … like murder and mahem and politics and ugly hearted humans. Now, I only see bits and pieces.

    but, wouldn’t I be considered a voyuer? Actually, if someone considered me that, then I probably wouldn’t know them very well. And they wouldn’t be an interesting person if thwey had no imagination or open minded creative. . and why am I concerned about others thoughts of something that I don’t posses anyway.
    Which brings me to a different, but similar, subject. Is it really possible to rearrange molecules with your mind and pass thru seemingly solid things.
    I actually saw an inanimate object do that once. (there was a bit of beer going round) But 4 other people saw it too.
    and how does one learn to interact with the world while they are in “out of body” state?

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