Dublin, money or something else?

If you know what i am talking about then you decide..

post a comment below to express an opinion,


UPDATE: seems like cash is king..

plus i’ve got them a couple of token presents.. including a very large poster that we can all sign on the night.

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15 Responses to Dublin, money or something else?

  1. spangles says:

    does such a thing exist as travel vouchers, i wonder? they could be presented as a trip to dublin – but obviously if what they’ve already planned doesn’t fit in with that, then they could be used elsewhere.

  2. Dubversion says:

    think the Dublin idea is a great one, but i’d worry that, since they’re in the hands of the house buyers / solicitors etc, they may not have time? if you know more and reckon they can do it, then yeh.

    if not, what about raising enough for a night in a really lovely hotel? i’d happily bung in a fiver and sure others would – sure we could raise £300 or so – and then send them somewhere ace in central London as a farewell to London jaunt?

    would be less time sensitive..

    either way, wonderful idea fella

  3. EastEnder says:

    This is really just a shamelessly blatant attempt to promote your blog, isn’t it? 😉

    I’ll happily stick in some shiny coins.

    I have no opinion as to what to buy because I am a crushingly unimaginative soul.

  4. Ade says:

    Vouchers? Not very exciting but at least there would be choice. Dublin may only work well for one.

  5. Mr Editor says:

    I’m happy to slam a few quid in the pot!

    Dublin sounds like a great idea although it may prove impractical seeing as I guess they’ll be well busy.

    What about sorting something they’ll remember like that won’t take up so much time like a super posh afternoon tea at Libertys or somewhere?

  6. caspar says:

    well.. we’re looking good to go. general feeling is that a fiver is a good

    maybe eurostar vouchers might be better? they have a choice of cities and times, plus it’s easier and more convenient so they could easily go and come back within 48 hour period.

    and the train is greener than a plane!

  7. blue says:

    truly you are a bloody star caspar, that’s a great idea. i like dub’s idea of a top hotel in london or something – i think the time is definitely an issue here. if i think of anything clever before then i’ll let you know.

  8. Iemanja says:

    I’m thinking just plain old money would be best, that way they can chose what to do with it.

    But whatever we go for, count me in!

  9. EastEnder says:

    Aren’t they gonna be dead busy with moving & stuff? Would something material be safer?

    Anyone know anything specific about their plans for the next few weeks?

  10. Sa(aa)m says:

    Cracking plan, no suggestions I’m afraid but I’ll gladly lob some cash in 🙂

  11. rennie says:

    A night at a posh hotel or sounds good. I’ll happily contribute and my secret guest will too.

  12. caspar says:

    another thing i was going to do was burn them a disk of photos from various events of the last few years.. anyone else want to do the same and we can present them on the night?

  13. caspar says:

    in response to the thread “3 or 4 days holiday, what would you do?”, the rude one responded

    “Anywhere I hadn’t been before really.”

    makes me think that best option is giving them the cash and insisting they use it to treat themselves.

    Plus some token present on the day.

  14. Iemanja says:

    Where’s my blinking comment I posted ages ago? Huh? Huh? :p

    Anyway, I’m thinking money would be best, that way they can choose what to do with it.

    whatever happens, count me in!!

  15. EastEnder says:

    Who let Iemanja post here?!?

    And I thought this was a slick, well oiled machine….

    I’m not so sure about the money idea – they’ve just sold their London house and are moving to sheep bothering land. They’ll be figgin’ minted….

    Someone clever should think of a really cool pressie to buy them.

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