DSM V? = Decided in Secret Meetings

As mentioned in the previous post, a committee is currently deciding on the contents of DSM-V. National Public Radio has just run a program on the process [ link]. As Vaughn at Mind Hacks points out one of the more disturbing aspects of the process is that all members of the committee have been required to sign a highly restrictive non-disclosure agreement which prevents them from discussing:

All work product unpublished manuscripts and draft and other prepublication materials, group discussions, internal correspondence, information about the development process and any other written or unwritten information, in any form, that emanates from, or relates to, my work with the APA task force or work group.

So they can’t say anything about anything. Very reassuring.

Mind Hacks link

Meanwhile, here’s a delightful story from NY Review of Books about corruption and collusion involving drug companies and doctors in the highest levels of the American psychiatric profession.

NYRB article

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