Congratulations, Mrs & Mrs Sigurdardottir-Leosdottir

The best wedding I ever went to had two brides. And that is probably why it was the best wedding I ever went to. I imagine two grooms would do okay too but only because they be homosexual. I can’t imagine what a wedding with two straight grooms would like and I guess we’ll never know. It would be a crap wedding but a cracking reception.

Iceland PM weds as gay marriage legalised

Posted by Maurizio Cecconi at 09:20

Johanna Sigurdardottir, Iceland prime minister, married her long-time partner on Sunday as a new law legalising homosexual marriages came into force.


Miss Sigurdardottir, 68, formally married Jonina Leosdottir, a writer, after the couple submitted a demand for their civil union to be transformed into a marriage, the RUV broadcaster said.

Iceland’s parliament on June 12 unanimously adopted legislation allowing gay marriage, in a law that came into force on Sunday.

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