Napoleon illusion.

Long before the Margret Thatcher illusion there was this double image of Napoleon the captions read:

bu?u?n??? ??nbu?p?q     ??? o? bu?ob ??nbu?p?q

?u?u???? ??nbu?p?q – ????nb ?? ? ?u???? ??nbu?p?q

Napoleon III going to war - Napoleon III coming back

Badinguet Allant a la Guerre – Badinguet Revenant

Badinguet Going to War     Badinguet Returning

Napoleon III was nicknamed Badinguet after the workman he is said to have impersonated when he escaped from the Fortress of Ham in 1846. He had been condemned to perpetual imprisonment there for his unsuccessful invasion of France at Boulogne six years earlier. Needless to say, the name Badinguet was intended to humiliate the Emperor-President.

ALSO via BibliOdyssey: 1870s Caricatures.

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