My TalkTalk nightmare enters its second year.

It is now exactly one year since my troubles with TalkTalk began. In a nutshell, they came to door offering to match the price of my existing service. I was interested and gave them some details. It turned out they couldn’t give me a better deal so I told them to go away. But a few days later at the beginning of Feb 2010 they slammed my line and illegally took over my phone service. One year and countless wasted hours later, I am still trying to get my money back and stop them threatening me with debt collectors.

Eventually, I gave up trying to talk to them on the phone and wrote them good old fashioned letter of complaint. They responded just before Christmas in a way that suggested they hadn’t even read my first letter. Several more frustrating hours on the phone and I learned that if you want a letter read you have to write to the Chief Executives Office. Okay then:

TalkTalk Telecom Ltd
PO Box 32595
W3 6WD


14 December 2010

To whom it may concern,

My previous letter of complaint (attached) was not dealt with to my satisfaction (your reply also attached). I am told that the CEO’s is my final recourse before approaching OFCOM. I hope therefore that you are able to resolve this matter effectively. It is possible that my last letter was not clear. I shall keep this one brief to avoid confusion.

  1. On 4th, despite verbal instruction to the contrary, TalkTalk illegally took over my home telephone service from Sky.
  2. I did not immediately become aware of this because I was still receiving bills from Sky.
  3. When I started receiving bills from TalkTalk I have spoken to customer service on many, many occasions trying to resolve the issue.
  4. Eventually, on 27th August 2010 I spoke on the phone to your representative ‘Shameegh’ who promised me two things.
    a. My phone would be transferred back to Sky.
    b. All balances showing owing on my account would be waived.
  5. Despite these promises my phone was in fact disconnected causing me considerable personal expense and inconvenience.
  6. Furthermore, your billing department & your debt collection agencies are still threatening me for the claimed outstanding balance of £70.62
  7. I will not pay this nor any associated costs because
    a.  You illegally took over my line in the first place
    b.  I have verbal promise from your agent that I am not liable for this amount.
  8. I notice from your last letter that you took £20.88 from my bank account on 25th February 2010 by direct debit. Therefore, in addition I am demanding this be refunded too.

Your last letter to me ignored several of my points of complaint. Please can you answer this one more comprehensively,

With regards,
Dr. Caspar Addyman

Part1 – How to complain effectively: a case study. (


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  1. paul barnard avatar
    paul barnard

    Don’t even bother threatening them with Ofcom…just report them straight away!
    Any information can be used to help bring this company to it’s knees and get them to stop this type of behavior towards it’s customers.
    TalkTalk are on the verge of being fined £139 million by Ofcom…every new case will help them get it.

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