Saint Horatio’s kidney and the J2 Project

Charlie Stross has been talking on his blog about another book he won’t bother writing. This one would be about a plucky investigative reporter who upsets a billionaire, is poisoned and receives a kidney transplant from a priest. The priest dies shortly after  and is beatified in double-quick time. So now the poor chap is on run from oligarchs and theocrats. Of course, then it gets a bit tangled theologically and structurally, so Charlie lost interest. A shame as he already has the perfect URL to promote it at

The whole thing reminded very marginally of Operation Clone Jesus. Just about the only of my own tangled fictions that i have ever managed to finish. Certainly the one I’m most proud of, Not that it is very good and certainly not a very original idea. As the plot spotters at TV Tropes will tell you. But I just came across a very well executed take on cloning Jesus. Alex Horwitz’s short film  The J2 Project.

[youtube 7jBnqH1AzaI]

And I have to say that J2 is much funnier with a much lighter touch than OCJ. Not that I’m not hilarious too. Perhaps that is what Charlie Stross’s story needs a bit of comic relief. How about, instead of a plucky investigative reporter the protagonist was a wacky, TV comedian with diabetes?

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