The universe of Marian Medina Cuesta

I can not really afford to be a patron of the arts. But thanks to my wonderful friendship with the artist Marian Medina Cuesta I have been able to make a childhood dream come true.

LIke HR Giger, if he hadn't had nightmares..

LIke HR Giger, if he hadn’t had nightmares..

I first encountered Marian’s art at an exhibition in an open studios event at the Chocolate Factory in North London in 2013. She had a surprisingly diverse range of work on show; From very well thought out conceptual and performance works Kipple and messages in bottles to her hyper-detailed, multi-faceted pencil drawings and paintings and lightning fast sketches of passengers on the underground.

Artist Marian Medina-Cuesta

An inverse universe by Marian Medina-Cuesta

However, I was most attracted to her Inverse Universes. These works in glass, acrylics and glow in the dark pigments are very deliberately created and constructed and yet they manage to look as if they were found in nature. They are beautiful in themselves and thought-provoking, in that these seemingly random, natural mini universes have a purposeful Creator. I am very happy to own one of these pieces. You can see a video of it here .

That small universe was a birthday present from Marian. But as a present to myself I commissioned her to create me something similar on a much larger scale; A realistic nebula for the ceiling of my bedroom. Being a scientist, I am of course a huge nerd and always have been. As a small child I had tiny glow in the dark stars stuck to my bedroom ceiling, though I was always disappointed by how far short they fell of the real heavens. Here at last was an artist who could do the idea justice.

And this time I was not disappointed. The resulting work is a beautiful multi-coloured, multi-layered nebula which is almost three dimensional. I was amazed it was created in only one week. Sadly, the nature and location of the nebula means that it is almost impossible for a photograph to do it justice. Although I fall asleep under the spell of Marians artwork every night, I will never grow tired of it.

My bedroom ceiling. A childhod dream come true.

My bedroom ceiling. A childhood dream come true.

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