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Alligators, Crocodiles and Babies?

          Fake Science : What’s The Difference Between The Alligator And Crocodile? This was news to me. And I wrote a fair bit of about alligators, crocodiles and babies in my PhD (with a little help … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life (in Under 300 Words)

It turns out some psychologists (Baumeister and Vohs, 2002) have found the meaning of life. Psychologists are much more pragmatic than philosophers. Rather than working out the meaning of life from first principles or anything daft like that they just went … Continue reading

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Sweet statistics stuff from Nausicaa Distribution

  Etsy seller Nausicaa Distribution have all kinds of great statistics based products. Pillows, posters, pencilcases, you named, they’re likely to have it.    Gang of 5 evil distribution plushies Set of 5 Statistics Propaganda Posters by NausicaaDistribution.

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Beauty, Charm, and Strangeness: Science as Metaphor

Thanks to Nathan Yau at Flowing Data for pointing me in the direction of this 1998 essay by John Banville for Science magazine.  He draws parallels between art and science. I wish to advance a thesis which, were they to … Continue reading

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Joshua Foer @LSE – The End of Remembering – Tues, 5th April 6:30pm

There is an interesting talk at the LSE on Tuesday, 5th April 6:30 Once upon a time remembering was everything. Today, we have endless mountains of documents, the Internet and ever-present smart phones to store our memories. As our culture … Continue reading

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Life, Unbounded: All you need to know about 2,000 years of astrobiology

Caleb Scharf has just finished his superb sequence of the ten most important question in astrobiology. They are all good, but the end is a good place to begin: Metrodoru, the first astrobiologist? From Pergammon, Berlin, Image via Wikipedia The … Continue reading

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Sterile Motherfather Mary and Intergalactic Jesus created on 2006-01-08 13:46:18 Ari MooreCC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Searching through some old emails for reflections on the topic of absurdity..  I found a wonderfully topical article from Dec 2001 edition of the London Review of Books. Jerry Coyne was … Continue reading

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Fresh brains attack the zombie problem

The future of zombie research It’s about time there were fresh brains in zombie research. So, it’s great to see that once again neuroscience is breathing new life into a topic that has had the life sucked out of it … Continue reading

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Artificial dumbness

Carnegie Mellon are trying to make artificial intelligence by having a computer read the internet. I doubt they are Carnegie Mellon University has taught a computer how to read and learn from the internet. According to Dennis Baron at the … Continue reading

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Robot snake climbs real tree

[youtube 8VLjDjXzTiU] CMU’s Biorobotics Lab have build a modular robotic snake. It can climb trees and spy on you. Air penguins, Robotuna, and now this? The robot uprising may have already started. via Singularity Hub Update: Oh brilliant, they’re letting robots … Continue reading

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Scientists kill supercute Tasmanian devils with face cancer.

These cute little beasties are biting each other and getting face cancer in the process. Cedric appeared to have natural immunity, so scientists at U. Tasmania deliberately infected him. Sadly, he wasn’t immune so they put him down. But they’re … Continue reading

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A skill skull made of brains.

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Horizontal version of the leaning tower illusion

The leaning tower illusion won the VSS Illusion of the year contest in 2007. Below is horizontal version of  the same thing. These two photo’s are completely identical.. Bloody hell, can’t believe that these are the same… « Richard Wiseman’s … Continue reading

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Velcro ants can hold down moths 10,000x their weight

If you don’t yet subscribe to Not Exactly Rocket Science then you may not have seen these amazing pictures yet. Teams of teeeny-weeny ants gripping hoooge insects on fluffy leaves using teeeny nippers and the ‘velcro principle’. Ambush ants capture … Continue reading

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Aah, Dunlop!

Does scent enhance consumer product memories? December 14, 2009 It may seem odd to add scent to products like sewing thread, automobile tires, and tennis balls, as some companies have done. But a new study in the Journal of Consumer … Continue reading

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