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Thesis finally finished.

Here’s how it begins.. Rules and Similarity in the Development of Category Learning in Children and Infants The Purist I give you now Professor Twist, A conscientious scientist, Trustees exclaimed, “He never bungles!” And sent him off to distant jungles. … Continue reading

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killer hippo bollocks

..hippos are extemely dangerous animals in the wild. In an average year in Africa, hippos kill a far larger number of humans than any other mammal, except other humans. Hippos are short-tempered, huge animals that spend most of their days … Continue reading

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By George, a curious DVD extra feature

For reasons lost in the haze of alcohol, i recently purchased the children’s movie Curious George from a very smiley man i met in my local fried chicken shop. It was a dreadful pirate copy of an averagely bad film … Continue reading

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