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April Reading List

Damsel in Distress – P G Wodehouse Another seemingly effortless piece of Wodehouse brilliance. It is reassuring to know that he actually spent ages rewriting drafts, refining his lines and polishing his sparkling wit. Dreaming War – Gore VidalA collection … Continue reading

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Context is Everything – Susan Engel

http://www.williams.edu/P…ngel/engel.html I have just finished reading this excellent book (subtitled ‘The Nature of Memory’) and it reminds me why starting my psychology degree is the best thing I’ve ever done. This wonderful semi-popular, semi-academic book on the transactional, narrative and … Continue reading

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The moon on a sling!

I’m reading Arthur Koestler’s The Act of Creation. All about the creative process in the arts and sciences. Along the wayhe emphasises that many scientific advances and even revolutions often have many precursors. He gives a wonderful example of how … Continue reading

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