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Similar and dissimilar others

We just had our weekly journal club discussing: Mitchell, J.P., Macrae, C.N., & Banaji, M.R. (2006) Dissociable Medial Prefrontal Contributions to Judgments of Similar and Dissimilar Others, Neuron 50, 655-663 It’s a moderately neat scanning study that purports to show … Continue reading

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Mmm, a baby! He looks good enough to eat!

Talking to a Finn in Canada about a friend’s new born baby, she reminded me of an off-colour joke i used to make about new born babies: – How much did it weigh? – 7 pounds! – Mmm, that’s about … Continue reading

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Feeling the presence of God

Just watched BBC2 Horizon program “God on the Brain”. First half was all about how temporal lobe epilepsy can lead to religious visions & experiences. They had the eminent (but hard to spell) neuropsychologist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran descirbing how it … Continue reading

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