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where have you been?

So i just met Her Maj, Prince Phil and da princess royal.. it was more fun than i expected.. they were pretty dull but Buckingham Palace was darn cool.. Wasn’t expecting it to be quite as palatial as it was… … Continue reading

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This is not a love song

Apropros of nothing (no seriously) I’ve made a little more progress on an almost-poem I’ve been carrying round in my head for absolutely ages.. I haven’t any space for it anymore and I doubt I’ll ever improve it to the … Continue reading

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Richard Herring is a whimsical man

We wandered the extensive gardens of the home together and came to a steep grassy bank. When I was six it would have been the most exciting thing in the world to roll down this. But now I was 36 … Continue reading

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under God, under Brenda or under George?

I have been following with not a little glee as the atheist Michael Newdow makes his case to the US Supreme Court. Arguing that it interferes with his freedom to force his daughter to recite a message of religious subserviance. … Continue reading

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Dream Science – Thomas Palmer

Obscure-ish, out of print novel of the supernatural (publishers designation not mine).. got it on the flimsiest of recommendations.. a contributor to this list liked a lot of my favourites and raved about palmer so figured it might be my … Continue reading

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