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it’s okay if god does it

Thinking Meat’s review of Dawkins’ The God Delusion pointed me to a great psychological study showing how the Bible doesn’t provide very good moral guidance. Dawkins reported on a study done about 40 years ago by Israeli psychologist George Tamarin … Continue reading

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Bushbot? Make the lie higher.

This is the first article I’ve seen about the presidential race that includes references from Acta Psychologica or the Psychological Bulletin.. as some guy tries to persuade us that the NLP cues prove that Bush was wired in the debates … Continue reading

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mainstream dreams

lest you think my dream collection exercise is airy fairy wish wash and not respectable research, you obviously have not read this weeks Newsweek What Dreams Are Made Of New technology is helping brain scientists unravel the mysteries of the … Continue reading

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February Reading List

Here’s what i read this month: If nobody speaks of remarkable things – Jon Macgregor A debut novel set in a suburban street in some northern town, revolving around the events of one sunday afternoon and the aftermath. the ‘prose … Continue reading

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