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Artificial dumbness

Carnegie Mellon are trying to make artificial intelligence by having a computer read the internet. I doubt they are Carnegie Mellon University has taught a computer how to read and learn from the internet. According to Dennis Baron at the … Continue reading

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deadlines, creditlines and trendlines

My final year project is finished and handed in. It was inevitably a mad scramble in the last few days before the deadline and an exhausted anti-climax afterward. But now i’ve caught up on my sleep, i’d do it all … Continue reading

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would you like to play a game of global thermonuclear war?

It is not often that the nerds on slashdot.org make me laugh, but I cannot deny my nerdish roots. This had me sniggering like a dweeb: 3 Laws of Robotics (Score:3, Funny) by David Leppik (158017) on Wednesday January 26, … Continue reading

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god is sort of a gas

i’ve just played a computer at twenty questions.. http://y.20q.net:8095/ Apparently, it some sort of AI knowledge base project but a fairly crap one because it seems to be mainly about making money and crap novelties (okay so 250,000 connection neural … Continue reading

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