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Dublin, money or something else?

If you know what i am talking about then you decide.. post a comment below to express an opinion, thanks. UPDATE: seems like cash is king.. plus i’ve got them a couple of token presents.. including a very large poster … Continue reading

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The Streets of London

Some months ago, after an amazing curry at Tayabs in Whitechapel with 30 friends, three of us travelled home on the tube. We were sharing a can of Strongbow Super Strength (7.4% abv.) and we felt a little like singing. … Continue reading

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under God, under Brenda or under George?

I have been following with not a little glee as the atheist Michael Newdow makes his case to the US Supreme Court. Arguing that it interferes with his freedom to force his daughter to recite a message of religious subserviance. … Continue reading

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