Month: January 2008

  • null hypothesis nicely supported and other reasons to change your mind

    Always good at asking questions the Edge has started the year by asking a whole bunch of sciencetists to think again. More specifically, to describe what they had changed their mind about (and why). Here’s Susan Blackmore: I decided, with splendid, youthful over-confidence, to become a parapsychologist and prove all my closed-minded science lecturers wrong.…

  • the desk drawer effect in science

    Science typically builds on the body of available knowledge – the more knowledge available the faster science goes. It’s striking when you visit other labs in person; you see all of their unpublished work, and you know that most of their results and data won’t be available to the bulk of the scientific community until…

  • It’s not exactly rocket science.

    Let’s start the year with this colourful and gory video of someone undergoing brain surgery. the bit that gets me is how the exposed brain pulsates in gentle protest at the poking and prodding. It’s almost as if it is alive. [video:youtube:LJxPLNiRqnA] via retrospectacle