Month: May 2011

  • What’s buzzing in Bumblebology?

    I bet you are asking yourself what is new in bee science? You would be right to be curious because we are living golden age for bumblebology.. Just today in PLoS ONE the leading open access journal there were two brilliantly bonkers new bee papers. Hasegawa Y, Ikeno H (2011) How Do Honeybees Attract Nestmates…

  • Sweet statistics stuff from Nausicaa Distribution

      Etsy seller Nausicaa Distribution have all kinds of great statistics based products. Pillows, posters, pencilcases, you named, they’re likely to have it.    Gang of 5 evil distribution plushies Set of 5 Statistics Propaganda Posters by NausicaaDistribution.

  • Beauty, Charm, and Strangeness: Science as Metaphor

    Thanks to Nathan Yau at Flowing Data for pointing me in the direction of this 1998 essay by John Banville for Science magazine.  He draws parallels between art and science. I wish to advance a thesis which, were they to take note of it, the academies would decry as scandalous. My thesis is that modern…