Month: August 2007

  • Dublin, money or something else?

    If you know what i am talking about then you decide.. post a comment below to express an opinion, thanks. UPDATE: seems like cash is king.. plus i’ve got them a couple of token presents.. including a very large poster that we can all sign on the night.

  • brilliant billiards trickshots


  • Sci Tat

    Carl Zimmer is collecting science tattoos. So I sent him our Necker cubes. Bit miffed but not surprised that he chose the more photogenic of us to picture on his site. Meanwhile, i am thinking of a way to work the stimuli from my statistical learning experiment into a new tattoo.

  • Cookies.. in your bed

    I am sure that i am a million internet years behind the pace here, but i have only just noticed that almost any fortune cookie saying can be massively improved by adding the phrase “.. in your bed.” to the end. Try it and see: You find beauty in ordinary things, do not lose this…