Month: August 2006

  • on the blink



    i’m meant to be writing an 1000 word annual review but in classic displacement functioning, i’ve started moving my website to a new host.. so this page may blink out of existence at any moment.. in which case you will not be able to read this..

  • YouTube – The Simpsons vs Star Trek Being a miserable self-important sod, I rarely share internet memes but for this joyfulness I will make an exception. A shambolically blurry but deceptively well edited video of a giddy guy performing his own blenderization of the Simpsons and Star Trek themes on keyboards, theremin and funnel. It makes me smile. It makes me…

  • The Vagueries of categories Borges’ well known essay ‘John Wilkins’ Analytical Language’, first published in 1942, describes several attempts to construct a universal language, that is, a language in which each word defines itself.8 Such a language would, as Borges put it, speculate on ‘the words, definitions, etymologies, and synonymies of God’s secret dictionary’. Borges mentions the system…

  • Look, it’s completely safe.

    My colleagues fired laser beams through my head yesterday and here i am to tell the tale.. with very little observable impairment.