Month: August 2004

  • Unsound of mind and body.

    I couldn’t think of a better way to have spent my first weekend as a Brixtonian (well actually i’m more of a Herne Hilvian ) I enjoyed immensely the return of the Ministry of Unsound.. it had lost non of the old unsound fluffiness & the venue (Bar Lorca) has great potential. i thought headjam…

  • monkey treasures visually There sandwiched between Peterborough and Bolton (where one might normally expect to find Pontefract) are monkey treasures visually. You see Monkey by some reckoning is the 10,278th most common word in the British National Corpus. I found this out at, the laudable(29639th) if overly(21319) minimalist(30024) work of the man at Number 27. It’s…

  • earth moving

    Last night: In the middle of a fairly predictable dream of renegade buckaneers racing around the english countryside and suburbs, which made the transition to an anarchic immersion team game of killing and the undead, I happened to have pointed out to me a some huge futuristic earth-moving machine that was apparently to feature in…

  • oblivio

  • I’ve Never Had It Done So Gently Before

    For M The sweet juices of your mouth are like castles bathed in honey. I’ve never had it done so gently before. You have put a circle of castles around my penis and you swirl them like sunlight on the wings of birds. Richard Brautigan – 1968

  • When man enters woman

    When man, enters woman, like the surf biting the shore, again and again, and the woman opens her mouth with pleasure and her teeth gleam like the alphabet, Logos appears milking a star, and the man inside of woman ties a knot so that they will never again be separate and the woman climbs into…

  • nanonap

    for less than the blink of an eye I saw on my computer screen the image of a man lying in bed, he was in stripey flannel pyjamas lying in the fetal position, feet facing me. half a heartbeat later the image had gone.

  • Schizophrenia

    Schizophrenia ‘is like brain bomb’ Schizophrenia may be triggered by the equivalent of a nuclear disaster in the brain, new research reveals. Scientists believe a breakdown in the tiny ‘power stations’ known as mitocondria, which pump out energy in cells, causes the illness. They believe the damage could be linked to poor oxygen or glucose…

  • south of the river, over the moon

    for the first time i’m posting wirelessly, in my new fuck-off flatshare in Loughborough Junction.. we are about to nip down the road for the return of Ministry of Unsound.. and when we stroll home I have an amazingly comfy new bed ready and waiting for me. Life is GOOD 😀

  • Mmm, a baby! He looks good enough to eat!

    Talking to a Finn in Canada about a friend’s new born baby, she reminded me of an off-colour joke i used to make about new born babies: – How much did it weigh? – 7 pounds! – Mmm, that’s about 4 hours at gas mark 5! Not in good taste, I know!

  • freak alert! freak alert!

    Boarding the 08:13 into town this morning I saw a freak! He had the appearance of an Oofy Prosser or a Gussie Fink-Nottle (I always forget which is which.) One of those frog like faces with protruding eyes, a big flabby neck and no discernible chin, his skin has the unappealling pallor of the undead.…

  • Intelligence?



    It is not often I deign to comment on politics or newspapers but something the White House said stung me, although I almost immediately realised they weren’t the only ones who were daft or disingenuous in this case. Plus it follows on tenuously from my last post. Moore footage shows new CIA boss ruling himself…

  • mind uncontrol

    more micronaps 11am The CIA are trying to coax me into a limo to accompany a very important kestrel. 12am A coiled cable on the table turns into a toilet seat

  • mainstream dreams

    lest you think my dream collection exercise is airy fairy wish wash and not respectable research, you obviously have not read this weeks Newsweek What Dreams Are Made Of New technology is helping brain scientists unravel the mysteries of the night. Their work could show us all how to make the most of our time…

  • terror sells



    sickening stuff seen in Washington Times online no links here, it only encourages them. instead here’s some info on Bush family war profiteering[] Disinforpedia – War Profiteering