Month: March 2005

  • Sites near in meatspace tells me (and you) who is nearby to my dwelling place. After, initially mixing up my eastings, westings and other longitudities to mistakely place myself in Kazakhstan, I am now tagged as borderlands Brixtonian. And may now begin some cyber-curtain-twitching, although to be honest there is not much to see: Planet Dazbert is…

  • Banksy stateside museum subversion

    http://www.woostercollect…y-hits-new.html for those of you who doubt that banksy is a real artist, here’s a chance to see his work in real museums. including the Brooklyn museum; the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the (NY) Museum of Natural History via

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  • Horse Fails Drugs Test – Could Lose Medal



    http://sportsillustrated….=cnn_topstories In a follow up to my much earlier post, it seems that horses are drug-tested at the olympics (even if it takes seven months to get the results) and that this cost the sod on top his medal. Irish show-jumper Cian O’Connor is moaning that it’s not fair to remove “his” medal just because…

  • Deadlock delays start of Iraq Parliament Meeting maybe because i feel guilty about missing this weekends PROD and Ministry of Unsound I totally misread this Reuters news headline: Deadlock delays start of Iraq Parliament Meeting Initially, it conjured up images of crowds of Iraqi deputies turning up late for work cos they’d all stayed to the end of an extended killer…

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    The last time I prayed was when I was 14. A snow plough had covered a group of us under a mass of snow and I was praying to be rescued even as I lost consciousness. So how come his rescue didnít reinforce a belief in the power of prayer? The rescuer hit me on…

  • yoda beside the sea

  • Rise of the man-eating cyberloo…ating_cyberloo/ Hadn’t discovered the Rise of the Machines column in The Register before, it is very good Our report earlier this month on the self-replicating CyberDyson – a bagless assassin which could order its own spare parts before launching a savage attack on the nearest Scotsman – considered the possibility that said spares were dispatched…

  • Memory for faces…faces_fade.html Good snippet on today Prosopagnosia is an inability to recognise faces. It most commonly occurs after brain injury, although this week’s New Scientist reports on a recently completed study on a type of inherited prosopagnosia, suggesting a genetic basis for face recognition. The research was an international effort, led by husband and wife…

  • turn to the funnys These comic strips things I found seem addictive but are probably just a passing fad, that I will have given up on by this time next tuesday. But nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm so you may now follow the link to the brand new Comic Strip Page on your right.