Month: May 2004

  • May reading list

    A lot less than normal this month & late to boot due to my preoccupation with cramming for my exams. Psychopathology – John Stirling & Jonathan Hellewell A Scottish Higher level textbook giving a whistlestop tour of some psychological disorders; schiz, depression, eating disorders, etc. Necessarily brief but the final chapter giving examples of poor…

  • Three Monkeys on the underground

    Brueghel’s Two Monkeys This is what I see in my dream about final exams: two monkeys, chained to the floor, sit on the windowsill, the sky behind them flutters, the sea is taking its bath. The exam is History of Mankind. I stammer and hedge. One monkey stares and listens with mocking disdain, the other…

  • Work Smart??



    Air Cooled = Has windows Self-Contained = Has doors Under offer = some idiot fell for it