Month: September 2003

  • Dream Science – Thomas Palmer

    Obscure-ish, out of print novel of the supernatural (publishers designation not mine).. got it on the flimsiest of recommendations.. a contributor to this list liked a lot of my favourites and raved about palmer so figured it might be my cup of tea.. and so it was. Rockland Poole, the protagonist, is trapped in fragmentary…

  • rail haiku

    how to while away the hours in the sidings.. autumn leaves fall and we apologise for delays to your trains. a light dust of snow barely covers the ground but it scares the iron horse. i have some more i’ll have to dig them out.

  • the reverse barnum effects (active & passive)

    You are a considerate person who occasionally feels under-valued. You sometimes lack self-confidence and will stick up for yourself if challenged. You are quite perceptive about other people but sometimes say the wrong thing. Sucker! You weren’t even born yesterday. Such is the power of the Barnum Effect. But i’ve just noticed that the motto…

  • dear diary

    i am coming to realise that there is little point in keeping a diary if you never actually do anything. conversely, in an ideal world one would be busy doing things that one would have no time to write about them.

  • you\’re taking the piss


    in eew!

  • follow the money

    a few more primates needlessly killed for pointless research that generates even more confusion.. the furore over the muffed up ‘monkeys on e’ trials is good news,1367,60328,00.html or it would be if it drew attention to how bias gets introduced into the supposedly ‘objective’ scientific process. little chance of that happening. one shouldn’t blame…

  • prometheus, your round!



    zeus was crazy, mad-crazy not zany-crazy.. he bound prometheus to a rock.. where every day his liver was pecked out by birds, i don’t recall what kind they were. blue tits most likely, vicious little bastards, though if there were any justice it ought really to be geese. every night his liver would renew itself…

  • are men evil?

    as in so many things, we can learn a lot from our good friends the chimps.. a few years ago there was an excellent book called Demonic Males by Richard Wrangham & Dale Peterson (amzn) it looked at the social lives of the great apes and it argued that patriarchy breeds violence. we can ignore…

  • looked at my watch it was 6\’n the mornin\’



    i guess it’s not their fault.. some peoples brains are wired up wrong like ice t and other all decent folk i’m an owl not a lark. my noodle takes a good ten hours to warm up.. i’m useless before noon, cranky all arvo, start to pick around 8pm (after a couple of hours in…

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