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March Reading List

Monstrous Regiment – Terry Pratchett TP takes on war, the military and misogyny on his own terms and after his own now famous style. The setting is of course Discworld and the technology of the day, is approximately C18 in … Continue reading

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Charlie Chaplin, Woody Allen & a Moose went to a party

can anyone confirm the veracity of this anecdote from The Act of Creation? Some years ago, at a fancy dress ball – in Monte Carlo, I believe – a competition was held ot decide which among the dozen or so … Continue reading

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psychos? neurotics? cogni-scienti?

added a new group to my sidebar of recommended other people & places to visit.. hope the worthy few won’t mind their classification.. what i mean, of course, is that they are to a greater or lesser extent they are … Continue reading

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The moon on a sling!

I’m reading Arthur Koestler’s The Act of Creation. All about the creative process in the arts and sciences. Along the wayhe emphasises that many scientific advances and even revolutions often have many precursors. He gives a wonderful example of how … Continue reading

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are you looking at me?

have tweaked my photo’s folder to make it a bit more accessible. not that this is of very much interest to anyone one other than me. (plus ca change?)

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Richard Herring – Warming up It seems like Richard Herring would sympathise with my last post In fact, that may even have been him running up the street!

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oi, oi, nutter alert!

isn’t it amazing how fast we can spot an utter nutter on our streets or on public transport? within seconds of some looncake taking a seat opposite you, it is obvious that mentally their journey stops one stop short of … Continue reading

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yay! I have finally rented out my flat and remortgaged it all in the space of a couple of hours. It does mean i will have to paint over my hallway [sniff] and put all my furniture and most of … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of Walther PPK In homage to James Thurber and Ian Fleming, I’ve just written this very short, short story. I rather like it, but wonder if anyone will ‘get’ it? [click on the title to follow the link]

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my impressions of The Impressionist

The Impressionist – Hari Kunzru Urban75 March bookgroup choice. The Impressionist met with widespread approval but lacked a champion. we all agreed that it was well written, inventive and much more besides but no-one offered it unconditional love. he was … Continue reading

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if only tiny babies would do what you told them we new parents would get a lot more sleep.. was up all night nursing my nipper. the early part of the night went quite smoothly, the wee thing made stirling … Continue reading

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Hot Abercrombie Chick

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the pope must die

Just back from a board meeting of the Rationalist Association. the meeting only went on two & half hours, not too bad.. but we are not one step closer to heaven on earth. actually, that isn’t really the job of … Continue reading

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Whale’n’Bass call me fishmeal. some months ago, never mind how long precisely, having little or no faith in the innovators of drum’n’bass, my good friend Yossarian & I decided to venture forth into the choppy seas of music production. We … Continue reading

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