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Penis Owners Club

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Back to HEL

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He who lives by the sward..

.. has somewhere to walk his dog.

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one baby + one keypad = 666 6666…lephone_nu.html Following on quite nicely from that, a great story about a university switchboard was allocated all the numbers in the 666-xxxx range. Amazingly, it was a Jesuit univesity in San Francisco, which suggests someone somewhere has a sense of … Continue reading

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power in human units…b-stt060606.php Two power metaphors I hadn’t seen before: Yesterday, Marty Sereno was telling us about the scarieness of the peak oil crisis (see presentation at foot of his homepage) and explaining oils high energy density, he transformed the energy content … Continue reading

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Theatrical Science

Have just uploaded the two little pieces that wrote for the Experiment in Theatre What is a metaphor? Staging SchrĖ†dinger’s Experiment

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