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Literate Year – January

one of my new year’s resolutions was to keep a note of the books i read this year, here’s what i got through in january: Don’t Panic – Neil Gaiman A good book for Douglas Adams/HHGTTG anoraks – recently revised … Continue reading

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Working Memory, Intelligence, Tax Returns & Tunes

My home work is finished I was right on the word-limit, so my discussion was cut short, but given how few marks it is worth i ought not to care, nonetheless my joy and relief at finishing were tempered by … Continue reading

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early to bed? don’t be an idiot!

Morningness├▒eveningness and intelligence: early to bed, early to rise will likely make you anything but wise! Richard D. Roberts, and Patrick C. Kyllonen Personality and Individual Differences Volume 27, Issue 6 , December 1999, Pages 1123-1133 Abstract Research examining various … Continue reading

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counting the words until you are near

sort of true to my word, i’ve started this year’s coursework a bit earlier. i don’t have to hand it til 6pm Thurs 29 Jan and theres a 3000 word limit.. so in some senses I am over half way … Continue reading

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bowie, who he?

three people have independently told me I look a bit like Bowie; two lovely lady-friends of mine who both happen to be big fans and a Glaswegian alcoholic on a no. 25 bus.. to be honest if hadn’t been for … Continue reading

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an education?

Today’s best spam: Accademic Crudentials YOU’VE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE No Degree, No JOB! You don’t Qualify? What’s your Degree in? Where did you go to school? With a Degree we could offer you a higher salary? Now you can … Continue reading

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an education

It was back in history when i said “hi babe, i think there’s chemistry between us.” “no,” she said, “it’s physics”, and hit me before turning on her heel and putting geography between us.

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smoking carriages into the sidings?

i’ve never smoked in my life & given the choice i don’t normally sit in the smoking carriages but i am certain i am missing out on something.. my grandma (a smoker) used to live in Manchester and come to … Continue reading

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“I realised that my problem wasn’t with Christ, but with the hypocrisy of Christians. Jesus is cool. It’s just all the people who follow him that are such idiots…. He’s like the Fonz in that respect.” – Richard Herring

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Samuel Johnson

“Samuel Johnson, for instance, was not only a prodigy of wit, erudition and courage, but also a whimsical man who delighted in rolling down steep hills to amuse his friends.” (from Eccentrics by David Weeks & Jamie James)

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Chair in philosophy

Is just me or is the fact that the chair seems to be the canonical object of philosophers perceptions (if we ignore the occasional tree in the quad) an indication that they spend too much time sitting around on their … Continue reading

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– Bob a job, missus? – What? – Bob a job, missus? – Wait a moment – Clean your windows? Weed your flowerbeds? – How old are you? – 43 – Get out of here? – Wash your car? – … Continue reading

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gah! what’s that they say about pride and falls? My recent prosletysing for Macintosh was sure to get me into trouble. there i was sitting around fiddling with my computer trying to resurrect my flipping ftpping and in the process … Continue reading

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