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April Reading List

Damsel in Distress – P G Wodehouse Another seemingly effortless piece of Wodehouse brilliance. It is reassuring to know that he actually spent ages rewriting drafts, refining his lines and polishing his sparkling wit. Dreaming War – Gore VidalA collection … Continue reading

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Urbs in Berlin No time to talk at moment, but here are my pics from a superb weekend in my new second favorite city! and here’s something about my new favorite toy:-

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bunsen [dot] tv

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By George, It’s Bill’s 440th birthday!

Yes, St George’s day has swung round again, but there will be no celebrations in the name of some bloodthirsty, semi-mythical Turk, (if you must do that, St Nicolas is a better choice) I don’t want to be involved in … Continue reading

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I am book cross

I helped some friends move house on last Thursday, it made me painfully aware of the volume of junk I posses. Lots of heavy possession which will have to lunk out of my flat in a short while. I’ve resolved … Continue reading

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Context is Everything – Susan Engel…ngel/engel.html I have just finished reading this excellent book (subtitled ‘The Nature of Memory’) and it reminds me why starting my psychology degree is the best thing I’ve ever done. This wonderful semi-popular, semi-academic book on the transactional, narrative and … Continue reading

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god is sort of a gas

i’ve just played a computer at twenty questions.. Apparently, it some sort of AI knowledge base project but a fairly crap one because it seems to be mainly about making money and crap novelties (okay so 250,000 connection neural … Continue reading

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you may know me by the company i keep

in the course of realising that by referring to it, i unwhacked my googlewhack*, i discovered the googletool which displays Pages similar to I haven’t figured out how they do it but it is interesting. Firstly it is flattering … Continue reading

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do get mad!

have just moved to firefox (for osx) and thank fuck i did.. I stuck with safari too long when plainly it sucks.. especially at stuff like this..typing in things.. firstly the edit window is painfully slow… even my crappy typing … Continue reading

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When there is no more room in Hell, they’ll build another Milton Keynes.

saw remake of Dawn of the Dead – as zombie movies go i thought it was zo zo. Zome excellent music Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around, Jim Carroll – People who died I don’t mind fast zombies even … Continue reading

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a few things a few things

1. did you notice the number of words in my last post? :> 2. Got my first ever googlewhack while looking for Libraryology. Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem that pisses on this. 3. Of all God’s creatures it is the little lamb, … Continue reading

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