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I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library -Jorge Luis Borges I was a dull child. I wanted to run away and join the library. -Me I have the first on a t-shirt from vancouver public … Continue reading

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Distorted Tunes Test i got 25/26 so turns out i am not clinically tone deaf. there must be some other reason for my appalling singing voice 🙂

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only reconnect

Sometime around my retirement from the world of work, i stopped using an RSS reader to keep easy tabs on all the best in the blogistan. It was entirely my fault.. i couldn’t find a decent (and free) aggregator for … Continue reading

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animals on the underground very good, although i am a bit disappointed they don’t have a pigeon or a mouse!

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Piaget proved wrong again!…j-sgm122105.php Seems like the grandaddy of developmental psychology over-estimated the competance of everyone over eight years old. At about this age we learn about conservation of volume, in particular that a tall thin glass doesn’t necessarily have more in it … Continue reading

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Incorporating W.H.Wrigley

I am glad I spotted this sign before they renovated their knocking off shop, this sign has gone to a better place but I’ll always remember it. For the past year I went past it pretty much daily and for … Continue reading

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Not all pints of beer are the same size. Take the first one of the night, this is always a standard pint. Yes it can go very quick or very slow but we know it is always the same size. … Continue reading

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Robert J. Aumann – Nobel Prize Lecture…nn-lecture.html and this years prize of nonchalance and general coolness goes to Robert J. Aumann, for turning up for the most prestigious lecture that anyone can give with a few hand scrawled OHP transparencies.. regrettably his lecture was rather rubbish, … Continue reading

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take that

spammers are becoming such subtle maligancies that i cannot determine if this is intended to be funny or not.. either way it makes me laugh

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Cute little Fish Some excellent movies of cuttlefish playing around in their aquarium.. with a great choice of sound tracks.. the fish from hell film is not to be missed either.. for a chance to see 1945 take on the octopus “this … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Loser

i managed 12,570 words this month, 1/4 of the required amount… rather ridiculous considering that technically i have had more free time this year than last year when i did the full thing.. i think the problem was being slow … Continue reading

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