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How not to philosophize hammering at a keyboard

I’ve been exceptionally hectic writing up my thesis but when i’ve wanted light relief from the thought processes of babies, I spent a few idle moments thinking about the transcendental aspects of the question of existence of an objective external … Continue reading

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SPSS 16 = Stupid Pile of Stupid Shit x 16

I have always hated SPSS, the statistics program unaccountably popular in British Psychology departments. It is badly designed, it has very slow and very clunky interface. It has a very unintuitive set of menus with an untransparent way of operating. … Continue reading

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The Puppy

In our back yard a boy keeps his little dog Sharik chained up, a ball of fluff shackled since he was a puppy. One day I took him some chicken bones that were still warm and smelled delicious. The boy … Continue reading

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Jelly, jelly on a wall, I wonder if it will stick at all.

Have you ever wondered how easy is it to nail jelly to a wall? Some practical minded chap tried to find out. And as he point’s out, this is cheating. Go here for the properly controlled experiment:

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