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Richard very Scary

Children’s Books All Grown Up.

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A skill skull made of brains.

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The country where I quite want to be.

Once again Finland comes first in the annual slightly silly game of which country is the best. This time around Newsweek have produced a neat little interactive infographic to summarise all the rankings. Countries are ranked on five dimensions (education, … Continue reading

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Joggin’ Dijon

The great thing about joggin’ in a place you don’t know is that you don’t know where you are going so you don’t worry so much about how far you’ve run and you have lots of new scenery to distract … Continue reading

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After that, maybe you need.. Hug: Jez Alborough.

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All My Friends Are Dead

via Blame it on the Voices

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PostSecret is my new favourite blog. Not that my puny clicks will add much to the 354,708,351 they already have. Which makes me realise that this is yet another meme that i arrived late for. Or maybe, I came early … Continue reading

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