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nanowrimo agogo it is that time of the year again where i spend a month writing a 50,000 word novel.. me and 38,000 other merrie fooles. i met about forty of them last night at the london nanowrimo start party. it … Continue reading

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The Stork.. is the bird of war…eydotcom/Stork/ As an antidote to all the lovely lickle babbies in my life, here’s Nina Paley’s wonderful animation The Stork (31Mb Quicktime Mov)

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Time Machine I could do with a few more thousand years to procrastinate into right now!

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wacked out goodness

A light has dawned for me: I need companions, living ones, not dead companions and corpses which I carry with me wherever I wish. But I need living companions who follow me because they want to follow themselvesó and who … Continue reading

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apple of my eye Almost the first thing I did on my first day in the office was to order myself a whacking great Apple Powerbook 15″.. I have been dying to upgrade from my 4yo 600mhz g3 ibook for ages.. it really … Continue reading

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the same old odd one out That there Belinda is very cunning; when i first tried to explain to her what my research would be about she listened for a bit then started singing this Seasame Street song. This was especially impressive because this was … Continue reading

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observing babies brains with lasers…rs_workshop.htm I tested my first baby today! In fact, i tested twins. okay, it wasn’t for my study and i didn’t much beyond distracting the blighters whilst someone else strapped a near-infrared spectroscopy camera to the back of their heads, … Continue reading

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Umberto Enigma

“I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.” – Umberto Eco

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World Mental Health Day It is world mental health day, and Chimpmunka publishing are giving away free books.. i just got this Ox-Bowí by Janet Cresswell ëOx-Bowí charts the life of Janet Cresswell; who has spent the best part of thirty years in … Continue reading

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Taking a toddler to the zoo!

Some three months ago, before I knew that I would be doing my PhD on categorisation and concept formation I was reflecting on the ‘shape of thoughts’ and (mainly to impress a lady) I wrote this: I have been thinking … Continue reading

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BookCrossing gone wholesale Click on this post’s title for the wonderful tale of a man who overnight acquires 2,000 new books he wants to bookcross. A great article about the joys and perils of this addictive form of biblioholistic exhibitionism. I wish … Continue reading

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Perry Bible Fellowship beautiful, colourful, curious and comic

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Day two – The Book of Big Concepts

although last night i stayed up until four or five am drinking, taking ritalin and being rude to my beloved, this morning i managed to get into the office at a very respectable 11am.. and as it is now past … Continue reading

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I am an infantologist! I am writing this from my new desk in my new office in the Birkbeck BabyLab. i didn’t get in until 4pm today because i am still largely nocturnal but have an induction on wednesday that requires a 10 … Continue reading

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The Storm at the Globe

so clever, so silly, so funny, so friendly and such huge fun..but rather hard to describe.. it was a piece of comedy more than a piece of theatre.. a parody of greek/roman comedy (Plautus play about prostitutes) that was deliberately … Continue reading

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