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Proof that football is a global(ised) game.

Look at this cool visualisation of world cup 2010 footballers, at the top they are grouped country they play nationally for, at the bottom by then country they club football in. 2010 World Now compare it to the same graph for … Continue reading

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Napoleon illusion.

Long before the Margret Thatcher illusion there was this double image of Napoleon the captions read: bu?u?n??? ??nbu?p?q     ??? o? bu?ob ??nbu?p?q ?u?u???? ??nbu?p?q – ????nb ?? ? ?u???? ??nbu?p?q Badinguet Allant a la Guerre – Badinguet Revenant … Continue reading

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Atheist scum, 1871 vs 2007

Artist George Cruikshank, 1871 via BibliOdyssey: 1870s Caricatures. Artist Martin Rowson, 2007 via New Humanist magazine

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Buzz Aldrin on space poo.

Twelve short years ago I was a little obsessed with Buzz Aldrin wetting himself… But it seems life is odder than anything I might ever call art: Buzz Aldrin interviewed in Vanity Fair: A couple of years ago … Continue reading

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Meaning of Life returns

I am delighted to say that I have finally got my Meaning of life project back online. Back in 2003, I wrote to every (professional) philosopher in the country (all 643 of them) to ask them about the meaning of … Continue reading

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Velcro ants can hold down moths 10,000x their weight

If you don’t yet subscribe to Not Exactly Rocket Science then you may not have seen these amazing pictures yet. Teams of teeeny-weeny ants gripping hoooge insects on fluffy leaves using teeeny nippers and the ‘velcro principle’. Ambush ants capture … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Mrs & Mrs Sigurdardottir-Leosdottir

The best wedding I ever went to had two brides. And that is probably why it was the best wedding I ever went to. I imagine two grooms would do okay too but only because they be homosexual. I can’t … Continue reading

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Efforts to save endangered languages

I clipped this from the web six months ago, clearly intending to say something about it. Never quite got round to it at the time and now I have completely forgotten what that was. But I will post it up … Continue reading

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You can’t do that.. just think of Health and Safety

[youtube W4o0ZVeixYU] Fast lane at Berlin, Alexanderplatz

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Hello brave new world!

Apologies if your rss feeds just went a little mental, I’ve just migrated my blog from b2evolution to wordpress. I had been meaning to do it for a while (approx. 6-18 months). Never quite got round to it. I thought … Continue reading

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